Well... these days

I'm a student at Vancouver Island University. I will soon be finishing up my bachelor's degree in Computing Science. I don't currently hold any positions at the University, however I frequently assist the Computer Science department in reaching out to highschool students.

I currently work as an intern for Adobe Systems. I work in IT as part of a tools team which creates tools as needed to support the company. My 3 month contract has so far been renewed every 3 months. I'm just about to complete my first year at Adobe.

It's pretty fun.

Back in my day...

For work I've done many things, which include:

I've also volunteered and ran fundraisers for various events. My brother was born with cancer so I make an effort to help those that helped him. Additionally I've volunteered at the University to reach out to highschool students who may be interested in Computer Science and have talked with councilors regarding the type of students who may have an interest. I've also taught english for free, and volunteered at mental health hospitals in Japan.