I love them, hate them, and love them again

I've done many projects for school, for work, and for fun. Sometimes I write code just to make my homework easier. Here's an example of a 30 minute project I did to help me do some math homework.

It's a bit hard to remember everything I've done, but some include:


This was the first project I worked on as a student. After the first run and release, the school offered me money to keep working on it, so I did.

It is an orientation tool which allows new students to learn all the buildings and their functions, as well as explore other areas of the campus. There are little VIU easter eggs generously distributed over the entire game.

Magma Simulator

After This.Game, I was recommended to a professor to design and create a tool he used to explain how rock types would form for certain mixtures of elements, and certain temperatures.

Windows Media Player - Natural User Interface

Shortly after the XBox Kinect released it's SDK, I ran out and bought one because it was finally a way I could afford to try out NUIs. My first project was a simple controller for Windows Media Player.

It ended up being featured on Microsoft's Channel 9. It was fun to do and a nice proof of concept. It was also a good learning experience of NUI's limitations, and the hardware's limitations. I don't have a video of the latest version, but an older version can be seen here.

7 5 3

For a class I made a game I enjoyed as a kid. I really enjoyed this game, because I understood it very well. Infact, I know every winning move from any game state.

I played it with sticks as a kid, so I thought to keep with the tradition, I'd let other's play with sticks, albeit virtual. If you have an HTML5 browser and possibly a friend, you can go check it out.

Sorry! I have no idea what projects I've worked on that I can talk about. But believe me, I work on some cool stuff.