Hello! My name is Mathieu Lessard, and this is my website

I live in Nanaimo, British Columbia and I'm currently attending Vancouver Island University. I am just finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Computing Science.

I've created this website to show some of the things I done, and things I'm interested in.

You can email me at mathieu@mathieu-lessard.com
Or you can check out my LinkedIn.

You want to know more? About me!?

Like I said! I live in Nanaimo. I've lived in Nanaimo nearly all my life, and have for all my school life. I go to university and also work from home for Adobe Systems. I like school and I like my job.

I like puzzles, games, cooking, cinema, math, and coding. Why? Well, I very much enjoy the challenge that puzzles and games provide. It's also not good enough for me to solve a puzzle or a game, but I am driven to understand it.

Why do I like cooking and cinema? Well... cooking is fun. It's an interesting way to explore a culture, or learn new and very useful skills. And who doesn't movies, television, theatre, etc? It's fantastic to be submersed into a story.

And coding? I like puzzles, art, useful skills, and math. How could I ignore coding? Coding is a mix of everything I love. I love the problems given to me, the need to understand them, and the design to create a desired solution. I prefer to solve my problems through math.